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Thursday, December 06, 2007

And so i have started work and survived somewhat almost a week traveling down to kl everyday. I thought of working in KL but nv imagined that i would really be doing just that. And its mostly because when i think of the traveling i shudder. I get the same reaction from quite a few ppl so i guess its not just me. But i am getting used to it. So far i haven't feel the dread of going to work just yet and i am all bright eyed over everything. Oh and another thing which i did not expect really was to work for an oil and gas related company. So i am pretty amused by how unpredictable life can be. I am loving it so far. The company seems like a good place to start. The truth is i have no idea how i managed to get myself in there ha ha ha. But i will value the opportunity and work hard to remain there and up the ladder. So much things to say. But have to wait for the weekends when i have more time. Toodles now


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