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Friday, April 11, 2008

Things to take note; stuffs that potentially screws up KTM schedules - nothing in particular! they are able to screw it up all by themselves. But on top of that, things get pretty ugly when A. It is thunderstorming like hell and B. There is some stupid PC fair shit which i have to endure twice a yr, not to forget other stupid fairs which might attract tons of ppl to KLCC. Then the shit totally hits the fan. Because not only does the delay cause 2 groups of ppl (one waiting for the earlier train and one waiting for the supposedly later train to come) to be stuffed into one train. The ppl from the PC fair also joins in the fun.

So today i was waiting for the 6.17 train and due to probably one delayed train previously and the PC fair ppl it was too stuffed to board. Then they decided to cancel one train which causes the next train to only leave the first station in 20 minutes time. So 20 minutes on top of traveling time probably means 35 - 40 minutes of wait. I decided to go sit in mcdonalds and have my nuggets which i was craving for to see if i can perhaps wait for the crowd to clear. When i got back, the condition was even worst than before. And even when the train arrived and ferried some ppl away there was so many ppl left behind that there was barely any standing space on the platform. So i had this bright idea that perhaps i could take the lrt to kelana jaya and take the bus home. Anything is better than waiting not knowing when the next train will come and if the damn crowd will clear. ( pretty obvious it wouldn't clear till the next train or two or even more). Well everything was smooth sailing, the train was decently filled and at one point i even got to sit. Until i reached kelana jaya and had to wait for the bus for almost an hour. And so guess what time i finally reached home since leaving the office at 530. The answer is probably, i would have alr reached penang liao.

I guess that's malaysian public transport for you. Anyhow die. I do realize i have been blogging more on public transport than anything since i started work. I might as well just open a new blog dedicated to stupid stuffs that happen taking them. But then again who would want to read such boring stuffs. I am sure ppl who take them sure won't want to.

Anyways I think the way this blogs run somehow mirrors my life. Sometimes days just flies by like a blank slate. And nothing gets recorded. Before i know it i am already 2 weeks ahead. Life has been eventful yet mundane at the same time. Then again being a working adult, well work is work. I only wish work was more of an adventure. At least i have brought my non-work life out of the doldrums a little. Been going through some bouts of doubts and revelation about life and work. Yet I can't say i have come to a conclusion. I hate it that when you finally thought you have come to a plateau and gotten comfortable and at peace with who you are that you are suddenly forced to evaluate that comfort. But cest la vie, although having found that comfort also means i am more in a "fuck u if you don't like who i am" kind of mind set and then turns back to ponder if that is confidence or just delusional.


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At 5:24 PM, Blogger Shirley said...

welcome to the working world. we are all forced to endure the same pathetic experience. welcome to the club.


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