searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well the old yr had passed but no customary new yr day post this time around. Till now that is. Nothing much this time around. Last year's new yr eve celebration was kind of subdued, this time around it was kinda subdued too. ie no drinking. Not even a single drop. Nothing crazy. We did have alot of food, met some interesting character and i went home at 7 or was it 8 in the morning having stayed awake for poker the whole night. Blah. Thats about it. Can you tell that i havent really been paying much attention to life. I havent blog, i havent really done much or achieved much or bothered to.

But hopefully a new yr a new begining. I have this fear of predicting things though. I am afraid that when i say something it becomes untrue. But so far things are picking up. And if all goes well, i am hoping things will fall in place, luck and all. Financially, achievements and whatever else. Maybe carreer wise as well.

Anyways, that being say something else is getting wierd. I am getting picked up by 19 yr olds. Twice! Lets hope this isnt an indication about my potential other half. Die die also cannot. But if it is just a warm up session and the age will increase then i say alright.

Ok besides that, i noticed that my jogs are paying off. Although i have been bogged down for a couple of weeks without jogging alr. But my stamina is up. So much better. I can't believe how unhealthy i was. I couldnt even climb a few flights of steps without feeling as if i was about to die. Or run a few steps and cant continue anymore. Now i climb stairs pretty much easily and i ran for cover from the rain the other day quite a distance without having to stop too.

Went to so seminar today related to my thesis but not really. I went alone, i am a chicken or rather i dont quite like being in unfamiliar surroundings alone. But i do it anyways because i have to. Do or die as they say. Can u tell i dont have such a great self esteem? But anyways, luck would have it that i meet up with and old friend. Interestingly he recognise me after not meeting for i would say 5 yrs. Well at least then i didnt have to sit alone with a bunch of strangers for lunch. But i am glad i had the chance to go for something like that coz it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the working world before i jump in. Met another guy from setiawan which is working in a construction company. Sat with us for lunch and started talking. It is always interesting to see some one which has an idea of where he wants to head. And this guy was very much one of those kind. Not bad looking too ha ha ha. But oh well didnt get his business card. Would have been great to have an extra acquitance. Nv know when u might get a good deal for business. Its about time to build network. Thats life yo.