searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Sunday, January 13, 2008

So quickly 2007 has ended and we are already into week three of two-oh-oh-eight. Time and again i keep saying how time flies. And i have every urge to push that stop button or stomp on the brake to make the time go slower. Coz it feels as if there is so many things i want to do but so little time to do it. And especially when we are working and the only time that we have for ourselves is on the weekends. And then even as it is we have to divide to personal time for maintenance like facial, laundry house work and hang out time with friends etc, etc. I wonder when will the whirl wind ever slow down to a soothing breeze. Perhaps when we are 60.

As it is my weekends have been zooming pass me like crazy and i have yet to achieve what i need to get done. So far any attempts to shop has utterly failed. I have yet to get a single piece of clothes and shoes for work or for play. I havent gotten any baking done, neither have i gotten any reading done. And to say i want to learn how to invest or pick up a new skill seems to be kinda far fetched at the moment. I guess i need to get used to my new lifestyle and just try to build everything else on top of it. Sooner or later things will settle i guess. As of now, i have a paintball game on next Saturday morning which i wonder if i will be able to squeeze my shopping in after that. I also need to shop for my new glasses. Sunday is bak kut teh with michelle and then not sure whats after that. More shopping perhaps. I need to get a solid plan, or else things will just not work out at all. More blogging later