searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This is going to be a rather vague post. Its just in general things that are swimming around in my bear with me. I think for now this blog isn't going to make sense to anyone. But i am too lazy to start a new one so que sera sera. Till i really get my butt to write about something more exciting and interesting just ignore me.

I think for this couple of days i happen to have put certain things into perspective in my life. I see things clearer now that i manage to make sense and piece together the puzzle of what i couldn't make sense of before. But there is still more work in progress to understand things, as there are still things which puzzles me. And by putting things into perspective the good things is certain things don't upset me that much anymore. They still do, but not to a paralyzing effect. I am learning to let things slide. I think why let things upset you when you can walk out there and say "Hey I am going to do my best to be happy". Cliche as it sound, they say you've got a choice to be happy or sad. So why not choose happiness. i used to tell myself, its just the way u look at things. Well i think i happen to have forgotten that advice. Hey how come no one repeated that back to me. I thought i was famous for always saying that. Oh well. I hope I am coming back stronger and better. Now i am hopeful and determine. *Motivational talk to self. Throw in some war cry* ke ke ke. So i am better than that, don't let the little things pull me down. Look at the bigger picture. Some things are just not worth fretting over. Try your best. And love yourself.