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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Counting down till dooms day aka due dates and exams. To most this is the final defining moments everything has to fall into place and then after that its 'freedom'. Does it feel as final as that? What is life after a degree? For most its plunge straight into work or take a nice break and then plunge into work. Others probably hasnt have enough of studying and plan to continue with the whole acedemic thing for another 2 - 4 more yrs. Another chapter of life completed? How does one knows what to do with themselve when they come to the end of the paved path. But then again, naturally its to find a job usually related to area of study. That is what everyone does and probably makes much sense seeing as to paying so much for the degree and slogging away for 4 yrs. But i think i am more happy to think that we should go where life takes us. I know somtimes opportunities are made, and i also wish i belong to that school of thought but mostly i am clueless. I am not really that big on planning and strategies although i wish i was. I admire those that are able to plan and execute their dreams effortlessly or rather full of effort but then advancing surely in each step. But i distract easily, i loose the plot easily and mostly things seemed too abstract for me to see a solid outcome or route. If i had a chance to learn the ways of the stratergist and the planners I think i will go through grueling bootcamp to and hopefully i dont loose the plot.

But events in my life to me just somehow happens to fall into place, maybe due to the overtly optimist in me or maybe i am just in denial i see things as falling into place. I am able to see a good in a bad situation in someways although it does brings some disadvantages. I don't know how long i can go on waiting for things to fall into place though because it just seems so take what you get. Where do i want to be when I am 30? I really don't know what realistic answer to give to that. What am I capable to achieve? Maybe that is why I let things fall into place. I don't know what i am capable in achieving. So where do all of you want to be when you are 30? What do you think you are capable of achieving?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

When you get down to it, balls (the dance kind mind u) are really superficial things. You dress up to mingle around and have food which u don't get to choose and maybe watch a few nice performances if any and take loads of pictures. If you are lucky, the performace may be something actually entertaining and the food might just turn out to be something nice. That is the main agenda for the singles. Well as i have mentioned b4, i don't claimed that i wasn't superficial. And then there are the couples which get to dress up and be in a world of their own. So basically when you come down to it, its the company that makes the difference both ways.

Honestly i wasn't planning to go this yr around since i alr did the dress up, mingle, watch not too bad performance and eat so-so food last year. But then again this time around was the one and last time that the mechatron gang was to attend a ball minus a few ppl la ;). So with some urging from some fellas ma go lo. Like i say, the company is a deciding factor. This time around it was at the palace of the golden horses. Sounds wow but i think i rather prefer last yr's venue. All in all i think IOI marriot had a nicer setting, better food. And non related, but last yr's performance was better too. This yr's lucky draw prizes were way better. But oh well, no one in our group won anything. Some examples of the prizes ..... sony digi cam, mp4 player, mp3 player and some other prices that were so-so la. I would have loved to have gotten the cam though. Oh well :P.

So anyways as usual with the girls the whole 'event' starts of with the whole make up-dress up ordeal. Yeah guys will go "so ma fan" coz they just need to put on their nice suits spray some cologne if they want and grab the car keys and drive off. Ah forget about argueing whether there is a point to putting on makeup there is for every person saying yay there will be another saying nay. So to everyone their own. So yeah esther and shiaw pei went to this place in summit to get their make up and hair done and shih mun went to adonis in pyramid for makeup and snips? for hair. The package for the first 2 girls were rm 75 while shih mun had makeup done for rm 55 and hair for rm 55 as well. As for me, i was scrimping so i just did my hair for RM 35. I decided that if i were to look terrible at least i didnt have to pay for it ;) ha ha ha. Which according to shiaw pei was a wise choice since she hated her do. But i think she looked alright. Just that the lady was such a bussiness minded person she really kept to the minimum for a RM 75 package which she claimed was a special offer for students what was usually a rm 120 package. But honestly how much does it cost for some makeup and a glitter spray on the hair which she wanted to charge an extra RM 2 for. And as for me i did my makeup at home, thanks to michelle's improptu makeup lessons. I think it turned out alright. Judge for urself in the pics below, although my face got kinda oily with all the hurrying around! And the salon i went to was pretty good. I got what i want and they actually put some beads on my hair and glitter as well with no extra charge. Funny thing was the guy that started on my hair disappeared just after blowing dry my hair. Was wondering why he disappeared. Turns out he had stomachache. And once again the hairdresser commented on how thick was my hair although my mom complains i have very little. Go figure.

Anyways we were done at 450, reached uni at 515 and were on our way. Don't ask me why so early, not my choice. But i guess partly to avoid the jam as it is. I think they should just have it in Sunway, saves the trouble of traveling so far. That or have it in KL anyways else defeats the purpose. Spent forever waiting and waiting. As u know, no malaysian functions starts on time. So was time for pictures since got time. I dont have the group pics of the whole gang though. That has got to wait. Got to meet some of the guy's gfs. They are all quite sweet girls. And two of them were high school sweet hearts. While the other one just got together. Can see the diff ;). Some one suggested kajang satay after the ball but that was scrapped. Everyone was poofed. So it was home we went after a little more photo taking. All in all not too bad a night. Pics below.

On the way to uni after hair do.

On the way to palace of the golden horses. And since Seng Kiat was driving Esther who drove us from summit got to sit at the back and take a pic with me! Shiaw Pei was still sulking about her make up so she didnt want to take a pic. But later oblidged to Seng Kiat's request. The pic is with him though.

The standard obligatory stairway pic.

One on my own. I should learn how to stand properly though .......

khong suk and me. The Singapore guy since MUFY! muah ha ha.

the mechatronic girls minus one. The group pic will have to wait.

and one after pic when i got home.

Thats all folks. Lazy to upload liao :P

Friday, September 15, 2006

How would you feel if some one fucked up ur computer which u have to pay YOUR own money to fix, then because a new computer came in which is 'supposedly' is for everyone's use. And coz of that ur miserable excuse for a comp got relegated because it is the worst condition of 3 comps. Then guess what! The computer which is now usually used by that person the fucked up ur comp is now kononnya 'yours' becuase this person is so charitable. And he claims complete ownership of this new and supposedly common use computer which is suppose to be for everyone and he will oh so charitabily let u use it when he is not around. So he fucks up ur comp and he gets the new comp while u get his junk. Wonderful! Now y didn't i think of it. Oh guess what! I am just a plain dumbass sorry excuse for a fool who looks second grade next to a charitable person that looks good fucking up stuffs.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Honestly we are too cynical. We live in such a cynical world. And do pray that there wouldn't be one day where you find yourself needing to ask for strangers help. Perhaps there are still ppl a plenty that might reach out to help, but there are just as much cynics. An old lady arrived at my doorstep just now asking for some monetary help saying she can't work because she has bone aches and can't see in one eye. As much as I feel bad to be turning her away I honestly can't decide if it was a scham. So the question is, is it better to be a fool 9 out of 10 times but being able to help at least 1 person or being a fool 1 time not believing the genuine one. I hate how cold this world is turning. Or maybe its just me.

This is a sorry excuse i keep as a blog. I am back to the period where i don't feel like saying anything again. Yeah life is still moving on, maybe somethings are still happening but no i don't feel like commenting on them. Feels like some druggie getting a fix chasing the dragon or something. Once the euphoria fades its back to the conoldrums. The funny thing is that once i get myself writting and the words flow i feel like a little of that high fix is coming back. But its the getting myself to start part which is hard. Maybe its because at this moment i feel that writting non-technical stuffs is the only thing i am apt to do. There is alot of things which i am in denial of or suspect that i am in denial of. But no i do not feel like sharing. That is the whole idea of being in denial. Someone drop me a line and save me from this weekly countdown of what is left of my yr 2oo6. And this yrly countdown of what is called a life( just got reminded of click the movie where in a blink of an eye you are at your death bed, while when fast forwarding you go about ur life in auto pilot. Yeah i think the fellow that wrote the whole . Maybe i want to live in a state where the date don't matter but only the things that are being done. I still haven't find out what that is yet. Maybe i want to work in an environment where what matters is not what u have achieved but who you have touched. But i am not going to be so pretentious as to say that the glamour and the whole being succesful thing with high flying life don't appeal to me. What don't appeal to me though is being a part of the whole wake up go to an uneventful job with repetative work go home eat and sleep.

I am rambling...... its a repetitive cycle. Nothing's changed yet everything is different.