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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i never expected to blog anytime soon because of all the the other stressful stuffs which needs all my brain power, but while i was taking a few moment to just do some mindless blog surfing before i went back to work i came upon this blog. I have been visiting another blog(lainey lashes)which has links to the above mention site but never thought of checking out the other links on her page.

Sometimes you have to wonder how much coincidence does it takes for random coincidental things to happen. And if these conincidences does happen for some reason. Perhaps i think too much. Anyway, i read the current post which was posted on 11th oct and did not really register what was being said, because i have came across a number of blogs where the blogger posted some sort of orbituary or something on their blog perhaps to say goodbye to their old self. Only after reading older post as well as the tag board did i realize that the owner of that blog has passed away. What really stumped me was when i checked the date and realized this person passed away today. And of all the days i were to stumble upon his blog it was today. Perhaps, it is a reminder to me that life can be so short. Hope he is in a better place right now.

Well back to work for me. I still have a 101 things that needs to be attended to.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Time to start studying again. But this post has nothing to do with that except for the fact that i got restless while studying and so decided to come online and one thing led to another and i ended up making this .....

Btw rae, if u see this. notice something missing? Ya ur picture with me.... woman i still waiting leh. * waits, waits, waits..... removes cob webs... cough cough*

Anyway i read an article about yasmin yusoff ( i am not sure if that is her name exactly). Buy i seriuosly adore all the ads that she produces... haven't got to see any of her movies though. But that should be a story left to be told another day. For now i shall have to return to my books.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

updates, pictures and more. Since i enabled the infrared on this lap top, photo uploading is so much more easier therefore much more pictures. But i still have to remind myself to remember to take pictures ke ke ke.

Anyway firstly, another week just passed by with a blink of an eye. So the day after the ball i have no idea what i did, neither do i remember what i did on sunday. Hmmm that is how long i havent really blogged with words huh? So monday was the interview with one of the company that got my letter for industrial training. Went there expecting the company to be small, but not THAT small. I couldn't even find the entrance. Turns out their entrance was those sliding sort of grills they have for the final closing time of most shop lots. Seem kinda dodgy doesnt it. Well next thing i expected was to meet a Ken guy which i asumed would have been in a shirt and slacks and even maybe in his early 30s.

Surprise ! surprise ! no where close. * raises eyebrows* Ken is a youngish guy, mid twenty the least and was dressed in a t-shirt and casual pants. Oh well, family bussiness and he is in charge of on field work, so i guess its a more suitable attire. Says he will call me back. But so far no news.Must be the results. Guess i should forget about it. Sigh ...... sounds like a tough road ahead for me to walk. I am kinda scared now.

So what a way to start the week huh? A week of so called break. The next day was going back to uni. Tried to figure out how to solve the robotics program but in the end failed to do so. Wednesday, same thing. Went in, wait for turn with the kuka robot, tried and failed again. One thing i will learn nv to do though, is to walk up to a guy and say" eh your that thing not working" cha doh...... got totally owned when i walked up to charles with a huge headache due to the stupid kuka programming and said that to him. Btw that was because i asked him for pointers on how to salve my problem and i told him i will find him again if that doesnt work. So after trying it out, it didn' work and thus me walking up to him and saying that . Oh well, guys will be guys. Where got think until so far one. Sounds a little vague, but i think anyone who isnt too much of a goody-two shoes should know what transpired in his mind. If dunno then too bad, its for the better you didn't know. Later that night celebrated su jia's birthday at a kajang satay restaurant in taipan. Pretty much the tradition already i guess. This time around Dennis finally joined us, even Shawn too. Too bad Oon-Ee's turn to not be able to make it. As usual birthday == birthday pranks with cake. But they got bored of cake into face routine, so the Dennis who just kena recently, eagerly plotted something else. Alas, the victim was us girls and a few guys. One thing bad about being the only few girls in mechatronics. Easy targets.

The prank ? wasabi injected into a mini chocolate cake. I was the last person to have to eat it, since birthday boy feed, must eat la. And i ended up with a whole lump of wasabi at the bottom of the cake. Sux to the max. Lucky it wasn't fresh, thus no explosion in head. But the taste itself is enough to kill me. Almost puked.

Next day suppose to go back in to uni to try my luck again with kuka, but alas everyone was going in late so no point for me to follow since i will be out of there by 2. I doubt i would have gotten to use the robot. So y i needed to leave at 2? Karaoke session with laine, Daphi and Michelle coz want to use up the rm 20 voucher michelle has. But alas, no need also. Cheaper to take the student package than to take normal price minus rm 20. So picture time. This are a few shots i took with them in redbox. Making good use of cam phone.

it was kinda dark, so the pictures have some noise in them. That was yesterday, best part was we went all over searching for The Sun newspaper at 7 p.m. And this particular newspaper is not for sale. Its a free distribution. So who doesn't love free things. But luckily some shops carry it with a minimal charge of 30 cents. That is the delivery charge. So we finally found it at one of the shop near my place.

As for today. I finally got my program to work. Wooooo hoooo !!!! But not before i screw myself over for not thinking straight and left the monitoring of the running of the program to someone else who doesnt really know half of how to program is suppose to work. My fault. Wasted some time there and stress for nothing. But i guess the way i usually see it is things happen for a reason. And come to think of it. I realize now that if i had finish earlier, i would have rushed off earlier to only realize daphanie differed in our plans to go for some haircut/photoshoot thingy. But i am not too sure whether that would have been a good or a bad thing, because i finally convinced one of my friend to teman me there in exchange for watching a movie after that.

So off we went, in search of that event. It is a charity kind of event, where they offer u for rm35 a haircut, make-up, blow dry ur hair and then a photoshoot. Its done by A cut above and for some chinese school. Mom was sponsoring me for that so i thought what the heck.

Started off with a hair cut, which was alright. He just trimmed a little here and there and sort off fixed my fringe a little. There were like a number of cute guys walking around, but alas.... the one that was assigned to cut my hair wasn't one of those leng chais. He was alright though, just a normal looking dude.

Then it was off to blow drying hair. They asked me if i wanted it to be blown straight, but since i thought i liked it when my hair had curls at the end, i asked for half curls. But those people probably lost the plot half way through. I had like 3 people doing my hair and it still took damn long. And then this lady came along and asked for more volume on top, whatever that was suppose to mean. Then only did i found out when they finished. Horrors of horrors!!!! And i was wondering why so many ppl looking at me. My hair looked like a bomb exploded on top of it. But they were like, "you will look great in the pictures". Well they are suppose to be stylist, so I thought "ok....." . But now i wonder which era they were from. Then it was off to make-up. The make-up was alright i guess. But i could have used some eyeliner. But ah well, not that i was in it for the charity, but its for charity so dont complain so much lo. But the whole event was basically done by students and juniors stylist i guess. So the results are below. There is the original version and there is the version which i fixed up. So tell me which one more "can see".

seriously i hated the hairstyle. But i got the 2nd pic printed. The rest was in a cd. So anyway after that we went to watch The myth, and it is absolutely one of the better shows that i have watched recently. Jacky chan's shows are always nice.

So disatisfied when i went home, i snapped some pics of my own.

The picture quality might not be that great, the make up might be alr gone but at least the hair isnt as bad :P.
ok enough of camera whoring for now :P .... tats all folks