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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

more pics from the ball!!!! Got this off jin leong.

thanks to jin leong i got a personal full body shot

this is me and jin leong
lovely laine and lucky jin leong
lovely laine and me with super oily face alr

we are the mecha ppl

the 2 mecha girls in the house

after party ? what after party? got home at 3 but no after party though

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well i decided to blog eventhough i have nothing better to blog about really. I am just going through the motion in life. Yada yada. Actually i do have issues that i thought of blogging about but i just get lazy.

So the entry before this was just a picture entry. I still havent got the rest of the pics though. My thoughts of the ball? Well i am not too sure how i felt about it. It was just alright i guess. But the food was just pretty ordinary. The company could have been better *wink wink*. The performance was actually pretty blah. And there wasn't an after party. Sigh, sigh..... But not as if that wasn't really what everyone who had went to a ball hadn't expected and been telling me. Well i guess i had to do it, you know. I haven't really been to a ball. And i would like to at least have said i went once. But i guess now that i have. It isn't much difference than a stupid IU day we used to have in high school. They really should rethink this whole ball thing. It is kinda getting stale. Even with the theme and all it doesnt really reflects on the day's event. So what is the point of the theme. Perhaps they should go all out and really do some stuffs which are theme related and especially especially open the dance floor much earlier. They might even want to think of doing it ala HK movie style or maybe just movies style, where the people stand around chatting and sipping drinks and eatting hours de vours. might save a little cost and perhaps be more interactive. I dunno, maybe. Anything is better than stupid chinese style dinner which reminds me of chinese weddings. Be creative people!!!

Anyway i was thinking of doing the going with a bunch of friends kind of thingy, and have a whole barrel of fun. But that didn't really work as planned. But its alright, i understand. Well i think if we went as the noisy bunch i should think we would have at least rocked things up a little. But u peeps are like way across the sea, so too bad. Then there is the option of going with a date. But too bad, that bombed too. But i do have doubts whether i might be disapointed even if he had been able to make it. Things just don't work out as great as u would hope it would. But i think i shouldnt ask too much and just be glad that he offered to be my date and actually meant it. Seriously, that offer came when i was pretty depressed and was like thinking, " pls just give me one thing to be happy about" and i guess i couldn't ask for more.

Well more about that day. Wei sern was suppose to pick me up to the ball, but he came earlier to avoid the jam from his place to my place. So he waited for me while i put on make up and all. Was suppose to leave at 5 put started a little late. So only finished at 530. Thanks for the make-up btw Mich :). But made not much diff anyway i guess coz we had to wait for Dom in uni. Luckily i was late or we would have had to wait longer. So after Dom arrives we set off on our way to putrajaya, not really knowing the road too well. Dom was leading the way, and on and on we follow till somehow we reached this place which was absolutely breath taking. By that time it was already dark, and we were staring at this place which sort of looked like it came out of a metropolis of a movie where the buildings where all lited to the max. But guess what, we over shot and ended up in cyber jaya. Bummer. And on the way of finding our way out we bumped into another bunch of juniors which got lost as well. How ridiculous. So a 3 car entourage proceeded to the putrajaya marriot and finally reached there 1 hr late, but still with time left before the event started. That is malaysian time for you. And when we reached, we were eagerly ushered to meet a new friend Michelle, which surprise ! surprise! is no michelle at all, but a guy who decided it be fun to,partly in the words of Rajiv," make balls shrink" well at least make Rajiv's balls shrink anyway. But he did make quite a pretty girl for a guy :P. And from there on wards i guess u can say everything is history.

Other note worthy thing is, laine's dress was really nice. In fact laine was absolutely gorgeous. Can beat that actress we used to say u looked like wei :P. And Cindy, muaha ha ha. Finally get to see her in formal gown. Shiok siul. Cindy sure totally blossomed into a HOT chick.

Wow look at the legth of my post. I guess once i start its hard for me to stop. Well thats all for now. Toodles.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Here are just a few pics that i took with my phone for the ball. The rest will have to wait since its with a few people.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ah another weekend has come and is going to be gone. So last week we had breakfast at McD's and when michelle went to get her tiramisu from pizza uno, better known to me as italliano's, we discovered they served breakfast. And someway along the way we actually decided to try it out one day, except i didn't realize one day was this sunday. So since i know that michelle and Daphi are gonna pretty themselves up anyway i decide i need to some practice with my make-up and also so that those stuffs i bought for prom use won't go to waste la. I tend to get lazy to put on make-up especially when its a very short outing e.g breakfast, but WTH. And coz beginner mah, so sure take longer to get things right. So i allocated a longer time before they came to pick me up so that i can do my make-up since last week i barely managed to put on my eye-brow pencil. But a phone call came and it was Daphi asking if she could pick me up yet. Asked for 15 minutes more and rushed of to get my make-up on. Well i did get everything on with time to spare but it wasn't perfect.

Anyhow, so we got there and the place was empty, Its either everyone had their breakfast early, since we were there only at 9 ish 1o or the haven't woke up. We had our pick of tables, sat down and stared bleary eyed at the menu :P since yours truly woke up at 8 in the morning. The breakfast they had were generally divided into English, French, Aussie and i forgot what else. Basically the english breakfast had eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans and a bun/toast with juice and hot chocolate/coffee/tea. the aussie one is like the english with addition of sauted mushroom. And the french was french toast and cereals and the above mentioned drink i think. I took a look at the price and recoiled with horor. Pay RM 12.50 ++ for a breakfast like that ?
That is the cheapest btw, the rest were a tad more expensive. Well Daphi and Mich did have the english set. But i find the price a tad bit hard to swallow, esp with my current financial situation and it being breakfast. So i just opted for scones and hot chocolate, which was RM 6.00++ . Was contempelating to take latte or hot chocolate, but decided i could take coffee at home. I think i kinda regret my choice. The hot chocolate looked nice but was just alright. All in all, i think i prefer my McD's breakfast. Or even my RM3.50 pork ball noodles. Better still my RM 1.20 nasi lemak ( absolutely heavenly) But i won't mind giving their sauted mushroom a try or maybe their omlette. But that is RM 4.00++ and RM 8.00++ respectively and not inclusive of drinks. Pictures coming right up :

the english breakfast
( looks kinda messy cause by the time i remembered i was suppose to take pics Daphi alr dug into it)

my scones ( ya, i dug into mine before i remembered too)

we all had hot chocolate ( wish that was a cappocino :p) the white blob there is a marshmallow and they gave us a packet of sugar but the drink was actually slightly sweet already so i just used a quarter of a pack.

Daphi and her hot chocolate

Mich and her's
me but no drink since i alr finish mine :P

one for the album :P
here is another one but its a bit blur

And here is some extras from yesterday which i put in for fun :P

me practicing winking ke ke ke . How how ??

i saw this wonderful sunset yesterday but didnt get to really take a proper picture. Could have gotten better shots

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Was bumming around in the lab today when as a bunch of my coursemate decided to leave for lunch. So as they were preparing to leave and me to wander off somewhere so that the lab can be locked, micheal, one of my coursemate who is a regular in the Sunway-Monash CF asked me if i blogged. So i said ya and asked him why, to a reply that went along the line " Oh Oon-Ee told me you blogged about the CF event last thursday". That was the previous blog. I think at that instant my brain sorta went like this :

" Blog ? CF ? ayacerumba !!!!! what did i write in that post again. Oh no, hope i didnt post anything offensive. Think think think. Hmmm but knowing me, i don't think so also kua. ..... But... but.... but..maybe you acciddentally made fun of something leh :P"

Ya, indeed religion is a pretty touchy subject to alot of people( not that i am pointing my finger at any particular person la). Thus a lot of thinking has to be done before talking when this subject is bridged. Coincidentally, last night this subject poped up in a conversation with me and someone( you know who you are :P. Don't angry ya. Since i am on this topic only post about it lo) Some statement was made by this friend of mine which at that moment i felt was a pretty sweeping statement. I forgot what exactly the statement was, therefore i will not try to ill-represent it. But it was something about other religions, to which i asked him, by how did he came to such conclusion. After saying something else, which i don't remember what. (OK i think there are really too many holes in this story :P. But sorry ,thats how my memory is like. Full of holes :P)He asked , what relationship do other religions have with their God, if any at all. Well i guess he can't be blamed really for perhaps thinking that in this case all buddhist (since i am one) do is light joss sticks and pray and idolize ( not his exact words la). Because, really that might be the general picture that is being seen by others as well. But i am no expert in this either la. But the relationship is actually more than that. But like any other religions, there are people who misrepresent their religion ( maybe misrepresent is a little strong a word) thus causing others to see a different picture as well.

Being in malaysia, everyone is still fairly tolerant of every other people's different religions and this is something to be grateful about. But i think getting a better knowledge of other religions could in fact help us have a more open mind and be less judgemental. And to think of it, I think props must be given to malaysian government for incorperating in the history syllabuls, facts on the three or was it four major religions in malaysia. But those are indeed pretty on the surface but nonetheless educational.

This is my opinion and my opinion alone, therefore i apologise first if i happen to offend anyone, but i think that coming to be knowledgable about other religions does not necessarily means your faith in your religion lessens but infact i feel it should reconfirm your faith in your own religion.

Anyway i have no idea if what i have been typing here makes any sense to anyone, but in no way is this meant to offend anyone. But if i did, do leave a message and air your views.

edited : i was reading an article here when i came across this which i found suitable for this


"One should not honour only one’s religion and condemn the religion of others, but one should honour others’ religion for this or that reason. In so doing, one helps one’s own religion to grow and renders service to the religions of others too. In acting otherwise, one digs the grave of one’s own religion and also does harm to other religions."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Feeling so much more better today. I think its the fact that i kept waking up in the middle of the night that is effecting the quality of my sleep. Class as usual today as every other day. I think i am getting bored of saying this over and over again. Anyway, started off with systems control tute in the comp lab today. And i come to realize how distracting having a computer in front of me is. I just feel inclined to brows to all the blogs which i usually read and while in xiaxue's blog i decided to pay localbrand's online store a visit. So i was browsing and browsing and came across the "i love annabel chong" t-shirt. I actually saw it before but thought nothing of it thinking it must be some famous singaporean actress or somthing. Well i was half right anyway. The next thing i know, my classmate sitting next to me was making a big hoo ha about the "i love annabel chong" print. So guess why the big hoo ha :P. Well i guess you can go read about it here.

But to make a long story short. the fella was sort of our resident porn expert amd evidently has been watching enough porn to be able to tell me that she is the gang bang queen. HA HA HA. Well obviously i wouldnt know better. But interestingly enough as soon as he finish "introducing" who she was he started to tell me how disgusted he was of her. Well he is pretty much a very very racially proud person. To him chinese should only marry chinese. But well he isnt THAT extremist. And he being a chinese and a gang bang queen just doesnt bode well with him. But it is pretty much twisted sense since he loves porn and so should be basically ok with sex and all but he finds it degrading. Oh well, never easy to make sense of the world. Maybe you might think i am a person of not much a stand, but i just feel that it isn't much of any of my bussiness what others choose to do. It is their life it is their road to walk. I think i already use enough energy trying to live my life right, so why wanna wasted my energy being bothered by some one's life who i don't even know.

Anyway got a ride from him home today and since he eats out anyway he asked if i mind going for dinner with him first before he drops me off. A really interesting guy really, though half of the time i am not too sure whether to take his word for it on certain things. But nonetheless an interesting subject to analyze :P. He is pretty much the old fashion kinda guy mentality wise. Forgot what we talked about because we did skip like tons of topics. But the topic of girls and body never fails to crop up. And some story about his hometown and all. Well i guess that is all for now. And it is off to industrial traning application for me

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nothing much to say recently. This few days i have been walking around in a daze. I dont know why, but eventhough i have been getting almost sufficient sleep i am still so dead tired. So i guess basically this means i have not much thoughts on mt mind right now.

I do have a funny dream to report though. I actually dreamt that me and this bunch of kids ( all girls) went to the US and some how was lodging at this man's place. I dont know why either. But some how my instinct told me he was a peadophile. So i tried to alert the rest without alerting the man but always fail to do so. Then some how along the way, i met mark tho and he offered us to take us in. So i still had to move this ppl out without making the man suspicious. But i dont think i remember what happen after that already.

Ah well a girl with a blank brain blogging.

Bring me back my brains !!!!!

muaha ha ha. ok tats all then

Sunday, September 11, 2005

This shall just mainly be a picture blog coz i am kinda lazy to think of somthing to write. So this morning me Daphanie and Michelle decided to go to mcdonalds for their breakfast because its been so long since we had a mcdonalds breakfast. Was suppose to take a picture of my food but i got distracted ke ke ke. By the food. So i took the aftermath.

But i shall pronounce the hash browns, egg and suasuage mcmuffin and even the coffee i had as satisfying. Still thinking about the mcmuffin and the melted cheese btw. But i guess my diet plans went astray again. Here is a picture of daphi getting her fix of coffee

And during that time michelle decided that it would be a great day for her to try out my look for the ball since she was bored. And because daphi needed to take a picture for a job interview tomorrow as wel, it was decided that michelle shall help her with make up before she got her picture taken. But before we went to her get my stuffs she was craving for tiramisu so we walked across the street to pizza uno for her fix of the absolutely wonderful tiramisu.

Then it was off to my house and then her house. And this was how i looked like before makeup.

and this was after make-up and hair

and this is daphi after hers

this is me when i got home. By then guess it was kinda hot so my face was already reddish and my makeup running. But don't my ears look kinda elfish :P

edited : oh well finally i got the pictures up. Had loads of things i thought of writing about today before i came on to edit this post but i forgot what it was about already.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just making an observation. It seems that blogger has this problem with random advertising where comments are left on someone's blog which is just mainly for advertising their site or something. And its not just my blog. I guess this is something which happens when a service becomes so widely known that it attracts parasites which tries to leech off it. Same goes for real life i guess.

Anyway went to get some stuffs today, one of it being earrings and so I went into one of the shops in summit (a shopping complex if you can call it that) which sells pretty resonabily priced earrings. Before i could reach the part where the earrings was, it being a clothing shop and the accesories being placed somewhere at the back of the shop, i was greated by an apparently extremely enthusiatic shop assistant. She just sort of started rolling off all her recommendations to me. "would you like to buy some of this or that". "new arrivals this and that". And so i just told her i was only looking and politely walked off. But somehow her enthusiasm in selling was not detered. She just follows along anyway and asked me if i would like to but whatever was at our immediate surrounding. I know at this point most of you ppl would have been super irritatted and just walked off or maybe even told her off. But i guess for me, looking in the point of view i can understand where they were coming from. Being a sales person means selling things and so that was what she was trying to do. And for those that tail you quitely and breathes down your neck perhaps you might think " do i look like i will steal anything?" but the fact is even if you know you won't, they don't. So they are just looking out for themselves, even if they could have done it in a less rude manner.

Was too tired to blog yesterday since i have been horribly exhausted for the entire week. Always say want to come home and crash and sleep and always also never managed to. Yesterday i wasn't even home till 9 pm. Was invited by Oon-Ee and another coursemate to check out something the Sunway Monash CF was organizing so i went. At the begining i was a tad reluctant to go coz i was just being lazy. Think above mentioned exhuastion and need of sleep. But since i was probably going to be in the lab till late i thought i might as well join in. Its been donkey years since i joined a CF meeting but i always loved the songs they sing. Pretty interesting sketch they had too, depicting a few verses that is in the bible i think. Not too sure about that since i am not a christian. The whole sketch was kinda like this:

A guy goes to the barber for a hair cut. And you know when u go for hair cut and nothing to do the barber usually just starts whatever convo he can with you. So this barber was like " you know what, I dont think god exist".( well i kinda expect that coming. No offense)

And so this guy just sat there in quiet contempelation. But he did not say a word up till he left. Then suddenly he came back and he asked the barber why he doesnt think god exist. And the barber says that, if god existed then why did he let people on earth suffer with all the tragedy of tsunami and everything.

So the guy replies, " then i dont believe barbers exist". And the barber protested that he does exist.

So the guy pressed on and answered, " if barber existed then why are there still people with long and unkempt hair walking around"

And so the barber answers, " But i can't do anything about it if they didn't come to me". ( expected this too :P, but it was a really smart way to potray what was needed to be said. ) And the rest of the sketch depicted a few scenes which was in the bible or something where jesus healed a blind man and forgave an adultress.

And there was a speaker after that too. He mostly elaborated on the meaning of the sketch.

Then it was off to dinner we went. It took us some time to decide on the venue but at last we ended up in salmon steak ss15 anyway. We almost always goes back to the same place. But i guess its mainly due to the price as well. Oh well food is food i guess. Anyway something kind of scary happened when everyone was making their way to the makan venue, but luckily i wasn't present when it happened. I am not entirely clear about the whole story but apperently jin hui was on his way up the ss15 flyover/bridge when he decided to step on the gas paddle seeing and assuming that the cars at the other side of the flyover was probably moving. But unfortunately realizing too late that the cars were actually in a standstill he was going so fast that he had to brake really hard, which caused his car to sort of drift. Lucky it did not loose control and spin. Sounded pretty scary to me. And now his supension koyak and his alignment kinda out. Oh well, dont know to say its because he is a pretyy good driver thats y can avoid or its because he is suppose to be a good driver that these type of things gets overlooked and accidents happen.

Wow this is getting to be a pretty long post and its just about yesterday.

So today i went to shop for my ball essentials. I am like a very minimalist make up kinda person. I dont put makeup on a regular basis for one. So for occasions when i just feel like it, make up is basically eyeliner and lip gloss. But lately i threw in mascara when i feel like it as well.

So i bought foundation and eyebrow pencil and also mascara because the other one is kinda dried by now. And the reason i don't own an eyebrow pencil, which i think should be the most basic make up to own, is because i have no idea how to draw my brows. Thay are so sparse they can barely be seen. And if i drew it too dark i look like crayon shin chan. So i bought an eyebrow stencil as well.And also got an electric eyelash curler just becuase it cost 6.90 anyway. And i am dying for those oh-so-sexy eyelashes that spans across ur eyelids. This is probably an excuse for me to get stuffs. But who was the fella that coined the word retail therapy must probably be filthy rich or just plain in need of some other kiknd of therapy. How i see it is, for most of us, we need therapy after spending so much on shopping becuase it doesnt really feel that nice when u realize your wallet is empty. Anyway this are the stash of make up and my eyelash curler i bought


the eyelash curler probably look like some shaver but note that it is an electric eyelash curler.

Anyway moving on... other than that, i got myself a pair of shoes for

rm 36. Was expecting to spend rm 60 to 70 for a pair of shoes but unfortunately Nose( its a shoe shop btw) didn't have anything i suitable. There are shoes there that i like but not something i would buy as it is fabric and gets dirty really fast. Not to mention for that price and for it to be so hard to maintain i rather pass. So now i have become a sharron H fan as this is the 2nd pair of shoes i bought from them(being that i have extremely limited shoe collection. or more like none at all). I actually rather liked the design but me being me, i always want to look for the ultimate deal. Unfortunately those were the last pair and i was afraid they would be gone when i came back. But that alone wouldn't have convinced me to buy it though. What really clinched the deal was the 10% discount that the lady was shoving in my way. Well 10% isnt really that much. But i figure i like the shoe enough.

But when i got back and tried it on with my dress i discovered that it was kind of too white for my pinkish dress. It just looked sort of weird. And also maybe a little too plain. So i tried to zest it up a bit. And the results are below. Do vote for ur favourite.


This is the one without any modification.


And a less elaborate one with ribbons tied at the side.

Thats all there is. So help me with the decision k. That will be my ball look.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Since i still have the time, i might as well write something in here while i can. Don't have much comments about my life though except for , maybe i am about 80% recovered from my problems i bloged about the previous entry. Life goes on, I just needed more time than i thought to recover.

Anyway, not to say that i want to jump onto the bandwagon but i just wanted to put my thoughts into words on what has been currently transpiring in the so called "blogsphere" lately. I think this one really started everyone talking or rather blogging. But I think it has been blown out of proportions. So what is this thing i am talking about? None other than the infamous xiaxue post on her trip to KL. She sure manage to bring out the malaysian in quite a number of people. And its pretty sad really to take a singaporean to do that. Maybe its just the people that i know, but most of them would remark " Its Malaysia ma" when things that dont make sense and should never have happened anywhere else happens. I know there are still a rather big number of people out there who are genuinely patriotic, but patriotism doesn't mean being blind. I really wonder if these people that are attacking miss xiaxue are really being patriotic or just plain indignant about the fact that she has the power to diss something which we just can't do anything about anyway. To be defensive is one thing, but to go to the extent of launching personal attacks and resorting to name calling is something else. For me as a malaysian, i get defensive too when non-malaysians and even malaysians writes off anything that is locally produced (e.g television programmes, music etc). And the last time i visited singapore, the general idea i get is that most singaporeans i met don't really have a very good impression of malaysia. To a certain extent i can see where they are coming from because their environment is actually more "sanitized" than us. But guess who had the last laugh. When your views are only limited to that small little window, its like what they would call, katak di bawah tempurung / jing di ze wa/ like a frog sitting in a well ?( forgot the english version). Me and Rae was just giving each other that knowing look trying really hard to surpress our laughter everytime we heard someone tell us how "dangerous" Malaysia was. So why not be the bigger person and just try to educate her instead without the need to resort to belittling her.

As for xiaxue, it is a real pity that she has allowed all this to get to her. Like they say, " with power comes responsibility" ( saw this from shaolintiger's blog) but its true anyway. And being famous has a price to pay. So anyone who wants to make something out of being known by almost everyone should just accept the fact that you can never please everyone. Its bad enough just being an ordinary human with limited circle of aquaintences and still being able to find a number of haters there, what more when it is multiplied manyfolds. But at least you are making money out of being hated and loved. So, its ok to take a short haitus to find yourself and come back stronger (Coz afterall you are only human), perhaps even wittier but i don't think its alright to change your blog title just because of this incident. I might not always agree with the things that you have to say or do but props at least for being an individual.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thought of something i wanted to say, typed it out and decided to chuck that somewhere else instead. Instead, here i would like to write something which is more self reflective.

Lately i have been going on and on allowing something or rather someone to torture me for the past few days. But the only problem is, this someone has no clue whatsoever that i am bashing myself becuase of him. For all i know, I dont even exist in his immediate thoughts for one single second, but the same can't be said for him. Every once in a while he will creep into my thoughts without my immediate realization. I can be as angry as i like about him creeping into my thoughts and it wouldnt effect him one bit. I can stare at the msn screen seething at the fact that i do not get even a single message from him and he would probably be playing dota or somthing else. So the question is why am i doing this to myself. When i stand outside and look at myself i can't help but laugh at myself. Is this what you people out there are doing now. Shaking your heads at how silly i am? Nevermind i can understand. But everything is gonna be alright. It is just taking a little bit longer than i planned to lift myself out of this dreary mood.

On another note, 8tv came to monash malaysia to hold some audition thing for tv presenters. I was slightly contempelating if i should have tried out. After all its not every day that i get this chance. But unfortunately i didnt manage to convince myself to do it. Once again i allowed a chance to slip by. i wonder when will I ever learn to have more confidence in myself and just let fly whatever reservations and go all out to enjoy every experience that life has to offer. But i think prehaps a few partners in crime will help give me a better push.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hmmm i haven't revealed this place to any of my circle of friends yet. But i hope to do this soon. Not sure when but soon. This feels like a launching of a new concept stall or something, or maybe a moving-in of a new apartment. Well either way, if this was my new apartment i would feel absolutely comfortable here. I like the colour and all. Might put in some pictures in the near future i guess, when i get around taking and uploading it.

I really wonder if having my own apartment will ever happen. I like the novelty of living in an apartment but i am not too sure if that is really something practical on the long run. Owning a land property should be a better investment i guess. But looking at my current lifestyle now i can't really see that happening in the near future. It is really wierd though how there are such a huge level of difference among the lifestyle of people that are around my age. Taking me for an example, I am not sure how average my lifestyle is, but i guess a fair amount of 21 year olds still lives like me. I think i am classified as the type that is still totally dependant on my parents for everything including transportation. And i do it just because i can. I mean, my uni is just a few kilometers from home. Most of the time i am either in uni or at home. Food is prepared, no questions asked. All in all i feel pretty domesticated. At this point i don't even feel like i am 21. Legally an adult ? What does that mean. I don't even have any obligations. I feel that i need to really break away from this kind of environment but its just a vicious cycle for me. I always set out to change and do something about it but in the end nothing is ever achieved. So what gives?

On the other end of the scale however are those that by 18 or even 17 are succesful by their own rights. They know what they want and are already setting out to do it. Those that are totally independant of their parents and are even contributing to daddy and mummy's monthly expenses. And because of this, they are no longer under their parent's restrictions because they have to,but because they choose to. I think being independant in fact helps them built a better relationship with their parents as when you see the world on a wider scale and gain different experiences, the way that you think will also become different. And perhaps that helps them understand and be able to forgive their parent's imperfections easier.

Well i am still working on my independance but seem to always gets to comfortable with my current conditions to move. So here is another push at getting unstuck. I wonder how many pushes i need.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

So this is my new project. Moving into a new place and having a new direction in my writing( i hope), having a hand at designing my own blogskin one day hopefully ( when i stop proscrastinating and actually finish my "actual" work so that i can do something meaningful). So this place is called d-finingmin because i am min, and i hope to be able to define who am I through this little space here.

Ha ha ha someone is going to kill me though, because i kind of stole this name from his current msn nick. But i do think it does strike a point. I believe that as we grow and change there will be stages in your life where you just need to slow down and re-define yourself and ask yourself who you really are now. I feel it is important to stop and ask yourself if a change is needed because as we go about our everyday lifes in a clockwork mode, we sometimes fail to realize how everything around you have changed except you. The other case might be that you need to stop yourself and ask what have you changed into and evaluate if those changes are good or bad. Either way, i feel that one thing should still hold true. That is always have core values or principles that you should hold on to. And no, those are not to imprison you, as one of my friends might have asked, but to guide you through life. So its time for me to do this evaluation.

But all in all i guess i am a pretty ordinary girl living an ordinary life to the extent of being pretty boring. So i shall be searching for something extrodinary in my ultimately ordinary life.