searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A while back i happen upon the knowledge of a guy named Randy Pausch and his last lecture. It was a lecture he gave when he knew he was a few months away from his own mortality. I don't remember how or where i found out about this but i told myself that I would like to watch this as it is on youtube and it was suppose to be thought provoking. Time pass and that thought drifted into the back of my head. But recently i felt that i needed some perspective on life as i seem to have fallen into a dark cloud. Somehow I was reminded of this. And so now i am watching this hour plus lecture. I am only 2 minutes in and i already find him inspirational. And i think i'd like to share this with others as well. So here is the video

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am currently very exhausted. I had tons of things running through my mind that i wanted to blog about, but all has evaporated as usual. I have resolved to bring along a mini diary to write my thoughts down whenever they do pop up but i have yet to have done so. And i think my sentence structure at the moment clearly shows that my brain can barely piece together a decent flow of sentences. But i want to blog anyways. They say practice makes perfect. So i am doing something practicing. very long nv write essay alr oh. Ignore me. I am just rambling.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its a Thursday and i am here sitting at home cause i am out of commission. I have been down with this damn flu for a few weeks and its kinda scary to be sick for so long. Especially since i barely do get sick. So i went to the doctor again for the 3rd time and he gave me some more meds and an mc for the day. So here i am taking things easy and just resting. Hopefully i get my health back quickly, because i have so many things i want to do and being sick makes it less enjoyable. Especially when i only have 2 more weeks or so before Michelle leaves again. As it is with Rae things were kinda rushed as well. Why u guys have to go so far! and why plane tickets have to be so exxy. If not i will gladly fly over to spend the weekend with u. Sigh being emo.

And i can't wait to hit the gym full force to get rid of the many pounds i have gained. I have originally wanted to start since the christmas weekend but the flu has absolutely crippled my efforts. So much for trying. So far i have only went for 2 jogs or so and a yoga class. Hope things pick up and start rolling soon. New yr, gotta start packing in those must dos!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i want to write again. A year ago i told myself i wanted to jump back into writing a blog regularly but it doesn't seem like i have kept that resolution. I have tried but failed. But now i am going to try once more. I think it doesnt matter even if i write irrelevant things just as long as i keep writing. But i do wish i have a common topic to guide me.

So a new yr has arrived and the funny thing about new years are that somehow once the final day of a year has passed, it seems as if everything starts of with a clean slate. Life starts again and new resolutions are made. It doesn't matter if the ones u made last year was not met. Perhaps u might have felt like a failure for not meeting that resolution. But once 1st January hits everything is alright and we start anew and make our resolutions again promising that this year we will definitely stick to it. Well there is always hope.