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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sigh, yes i am suppose to be super free and bumming around since two wednesdays ago. Gosh its seems like forever. But I haven't been updating my blog. Bad min! Unlike cindy who is so very the semangat to update her post. Anyways I have been bumming waiting for this one job which i am dying to get. But i guess my run of luck has perhaps died down some what coz now i am jobless and hanging. Pretty disappointing, but somehow i think me and freelance jobs dont quite gel. Everytime it seems like i am getting one in the end it tak jadi. sob sob. Looks like i can forget about any overseas trip completely till i get a permanent job. Somewhat disappointed. Hmm and maybe this means i should get back to Uni to write that darn paper. Might do me some good. Well at least now that i thought of it, I feel like i have more purpose. That and i can feel as if i am studying in new uni at least for that little while. I am a strong believer in "when one door closes, another one opens". And after that i guess its time to get serious in my permanent job hunt. The 2 weeks of bumming has entirely quench my bumming thirst and i am so totally game to jump into the working world seeing as to me not able to find the cash to fund my fun. Only problem, i am still not certain what role i would like to take on. But slightly regretful that i might not get to see a different working world altogether as it is.

Darn, my plans entirely ran off rail as it is now. That is probably the reason why i barely like to plan. So many things i just can't control. As it is now, i am just letting stuffs take its course and i will just catch whatever opportunity comes my way. But seriously i would like to know how it feels to plan and have the plans follow through perhaps at least once.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Its been a while since i wrote something till before i start writing i have to go and click the view site link to check out what i last said. So yes much has happened. Last paper has come and gone and so has the result. I am apparently still alive and i think i sorta promised a few ppl i would be updating my blog, studio pictures or otherwise. But mostly have seen them anyways, some more complete set of pictures than others. I have yet to completely upload the entire set online as it is so i am going to show just a few of my favorites and then post the address to the complete set later. Sadly there was some mixed up and i am missing a number of my favorite picks from my album :'( sigh.... So here goes.

Not entirely but slightly thanks to the whole picture taking experience my photography bug has been awaken once more. I was once my school's photography club president if only for a few weeks. I gave it up for my second love, singing and also coz my fav teacher somehow gave up the teacher's advisor post. So now i finally bought a digital camera with dad sponsoring me half of it. And i absolutely can't wait to take many an inspiring pictures with it. Below are some experiments from yesterday.

leaf pattern

passion fruit leave


Something that absolutely took my breath away and which i wish i could do in the future is something like this. And i don't mean being the one in front of the lens but the one behind it. Sometimes i wish my life was a multi screen tv, each showing me playing different roles. But i am not going to rule out any possibilities. Life is full of surprises as i have discovered many a time.

Other than that I have stopped blogging for money. Because i feel it is just not worth my time to search like mad for news just for a few bucks. I can do better things with those few precious hours. I also started work at a company and quited as well, some how because the first two days i wasnt happy with being misled and kinda got panicky when i found out i needed to replace a pregnant lady, which means absolute commitment in a less than interesting job for 3 mths. The last thing i need after getting out of a stressful chapter of my life is a smothering boring job even if for 3 mths. I found out later though that i rather like the people there. They are pretty friendly and so i have made friends with a few of them. One thing worth remembering though from this job experience is that for going in with nothing to loose to a different interview i managed to crap my way into being offered an rm 1500 with commission, sales job even as i was interviewing for an admin assistant job. Which i turned down as it did not fit into my plans. Hope that i maintain the condition up till i look for my permanent job so that i can snag a good salary. I will definitely need it. Waiting to see if i can get another job which pays pretty well for a short period of time.

And then traveling plans are still hanging since the money issue isnt absolutely stable for the time being. But no matter what i will definitely travel somewhere. I am just thinking perhaps i should leave plans to travel to aus till next yr end since i will see rae this yr end, and michelle will be off to aussie by early next yr and i'd prob be more financially stable for aus which means more enjoyable experience. So when i do go next yr end i will be able to visit michelle and rae at the same time as well and see melbourne, tasmania and maybe sydney? who knows. Probably slog my ass off in my new job and take the whole annual leave to see aussie. As for now, i'd look for something more affordable like taiwan. Given of course if i can drag laine or anyone else along. Though i have been there b4, and at the back of my mind i am calling myself crazy to return there for my supposed great trip b4 i start work, but it has been 5 yrs. Can't decide!