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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hmmm i have been slacking kinda. I just found out there was some changes in blogger. Didnt really pay attention what it was though. Just approved thats all. Probably poke around when i find the time. Which probably is nv. Strangely enough the date 23rd Jan doesnt sound too far away ago, but somehow it still feels like quite a number of days has passed between this date. I am this person which has absolutely no perception of time. Which means i dont do deadlines too well. But one thing though, i am a stickler for time which dont really gel either. I am full of contradictions as it is.

Anyways what events has passed since the 23rd Jan. Kind of strange but it seemed so long ago since i went for the nose shoes warehouse sales. Yeah i think i better put this down for i dont think there will ever again be a time where u will find me purchasing 6 pair of shoes almost at a go. I must have gone bonkers. But at RM 8 a pair, why not. Under normal circumstances however, I would have picked on the fact that the heels are too high for me or the straps too fragile. That is how bad i am. Wanted to load some pics, but i guess that has to wait. Guys being guys however, i got questions like : what do u need 6 pair of shoes for? Not to say i don't get where they are coming from, since i am mostly a one shoe per shoe type person. But i find that having more shoe also means when one of them dies on u or when sudden occasions call for a given type of shoe, u dont have to rush out to get another pair. Which in my case would mean searching in vain for that one shoe that i am willing to purchase. So yeah yay for shoes in storage. I also got a big shiny bag for RM8.

You never know when things will come in handy though, coz i am absolutely loving my bag. Although some might think the color is too over, or rather last season. But that huge bag was absolutely handy for my first casting ;).Yup i went for maggie tvc and also some china milk casting. My first one ever. And i had to cab it to KDU to meet up with michelle after her class so that she and i can go together. So i dumped everything into the bag including make up, just in case and my "new" 3 inch heels, water bottle and other misc. Now i know why ppl like big bags. I have to say though that u can sort of trace my yrs through the size of my bags. From the very early "going out with everything in the pocket and no bag in sight" yrs, to small functional bag, bigger more functional bag for when more things are needed. And i thought that was the biggest bag i would bring out. But i guess i was wrong, now my bag is even bigger. But i am loving it ha ha ha. Did anyone see that coming ?

Well feb just sort of started, but cny is fast approaching, and with that my semester is also quickly starting. I want the semester to quickly end, however that isnt a great idea since i also want time to go slower for me to do my thesis. Why am i such a contradicting person. Will see how things goes. If all goes well i will be graduated by september and hopefully working my ass off in due time to join in the money chase.