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Monday, November 28, 2005

Alright, and its time for blogging again. Well not that it is a weekly episode thing. Like i have said, i have a thoudsand and one thing i thought of blogging about. But once i sit down to start i cant remember what i wanted to say.

So since i am exhausted to the max today i shall just recall what i did today. Work as usual is work. But after work i was suppose to go dinner with laine. Since she was going back to Melaka i decided to spend her first, since i havent spent all u lovely ppl that chipped in for my present This yr. The rest shall have to wait till my pay comes ya. And see when we can arrange somthing. And Rae u have wait till u get ur pretty butt back here.

Dinner was at secret recipe since both of us havent had secret recipe cakes for ages. And i have been dying to try their chicken stuffed with cheese thingy. But i was dissappointed to find that it was not available. If i know ho, maybe i might not go there lo. But too exhausted to think alr lo. If not i would have moved.

We did some catching up, since we havent really sat down and talked really really talk for quite some time. But i was kinda tired so i guess my response was kinda lacking. Sorry laine. But honestly i do really miss hanging out with u. Gonna miss u. So i shall be crossing my fingers for u to get a job here soon. In the mean time have fun with ur hols and *hugs*. Wanted to give u a nice fat hug just now. But ;P sudah tak bermaya. Will wait for u to get back to give me a fat juicy hug. Ha ha ha is this sounding too wierd yet.

So here are a few pics of the food. I know this is ending very adruptly but but but...... brain not functioning. Jung Yin Ji I miss the lots of u all la.

excuse my non adjusted pictures. I really have no feel alr right now. Thank you very much and bye bye.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sigh another day at work. And i am getting myself stressed out. Stuffs are begining to go wrong. Yesterday i couldn't get my thermocouple reading because the wires within the plug managed to tangle and short itself thus only giving me readings within the box that keeps the heat in. Today the program to get the data from the data logger crashed and all the data was lost. Well manage to solve the 1st problem without needing to get help fr the supervisor. But the 2nd one there is nothing anyone could do about it anyway.

U guys must be wondering what i am talking about. Well its work for one thing. Basically i am suppose to take the temperature reading of something while it goes through a reflow oven. And all i do is wait, wait and wait some more while it goes throught the long oven.

Another thing about going to work and being a trainee is that u get people now and then just starting a conversation with you by asking if you are a trainee, and where are u from. But that only happens when i go to the back entrance where they have a room for ppl to sit down and put on their coats and all before entering. Its pretty nice really to have people being friendly and like telling you good luck and have fun learning and all. ha ha ha. I even had a vendor that came to set up the machine they sold to the comp asking me that yesterday. And we just sort of exchanged some words and today he came back to continue his work and was just a few machine next to mine and when he left he was like " so how is it going ? have fun learning" and all. Ah life :P the little perks that makes things feel peachier. At least u know it isnt such a big and lonely world out there where it is everyone for their own.

Ah one more thing about my work place. When we go to the line everyone is in face mask, so u usually don't quite manage to recognize who is who. But so far i have been improving. I can recognize my supervisor from afar and also aaron's supervisor. But the thing with people that u see in the line and not outside is, its much harder for u to know how they look like without the face mask. Amazingly, one of the engineer i managed to get to know earlier actually recognized me. But the funny thing was. We were both walking out from opposite toilets. And suddenly that fella was like. .. " are u wong" Not exactly how i imagined him to look. But i wasnt sure how i imagined he will look also la. So now i finally met the real face of that fella ha ha ha. Interesting. And i am relieved to say that, the stuffs that i helped him check, the results i got was actually correct. Ha ha ha. I should have more confidence in myself .

Anyway i messed around with photoshop some more :P. Don't laugh la. not expert. Its actually very crappy photoshopping but hey, its just for fun ;)

the original pic

The reason why i am not Su qi. I look too wierd for words with Su Qi style lips. If i ever get plastic surgery, this will remind me i dont need a lip job.

And here is virtual make up

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I just got photoshop and guess what i have been doing. These are 2 pics i have been meeing with. Simple stuffs, since i have no time

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I decided to make "shorter" post so that reading it doesn't seem so overwhelming.
So the next agenda on my list would be something that i think i alr told almost all of you. But not all.

So yesterday while walking to cafeteria with just edible food my handphone rang. Picking it up, the person identified herself as Ms Nurul ( btw, after more than once picking up the phone and answering with a not so friendly voice to a number of important and official calls e.g. from potential employers and such, i have made it a point to answer with a more pleasant voice to any number which i do not recognize because i guess its time i learnt to keep myself in check). Since the lady from the HR department where i work is also Ms Nurul, i was wondering why did she call me. But she went on to further ask me if i remember taking part in a "48 hours in Singapore" contest. Of course i do. But when i heard that part my heart just skipped a beat. But hold your horses there ;) i haven't won anything yet. The call was to inform me i am shortlisted as a potential winner. They wanted me to go in to the 8tv studio on monday for an interview. She says there will be a camera man and all. I wonder what for though, since it is only shortlisted people. I wonder how many are on the list. Sigh so many questions so little answer. But then again the winner is doing some shoot to introduce singapore i guess from what i remember reading on the contest details. So i think it is probably a camera test? Sigh i might be on the losing end then because i just started work and i felt that taking leave this early isnt good for that responsible, credible, reliable image. But they say they will call me for and interview as well as asking me to mail them my photo. So if i did not get the call i should know what happened i guess. Pray for me ppl ;) Life has just begun to look more exciting for me. But it can only be so short lifed. Cest la vie

blog a blogging. Live has been quite filled lately with work and all. So blogging might not be as frequent unless i decide to make a short one. Coz as u know, i am a very slow person so i take some time to blog. But then again, even well known bloggers have admitted to taking an hour or more for one post so what more me right. Anyway before i get down to bussiness, Rae, i don't think your hint qualifies as a hint anymore ;) ha ha ha. But ya i do miss you very very much. You know since i settled down from all the study madness and everything, i have been thinking back to all the crazy improptu or planned shoppin sessions and mamak session we used to have. Those were the days of randomness man. But it might not be the same anymore coz then we will be working alr.

Alright so what have i been up to this past week then. Work as usual. Get up at 6 go to sleep at 12. And everytime i wake up feeling horridly tired i wov to sleep early that night but ends up not doing so. But so far so good, i haven't yet feel like i am about to die of exhaustion. This is a good sign. Finished my project or so it is called. Counting chips. Hope i didn't mess up eventhough it seems impossible to do so. But i am just paranoid that what i consider as a reject chip isnt what they have in mind. Another guy decided to have another look at one of the sets of chip i helped him check, because the result i got shows that none of the sawing parameters used produced a good cutting result. Sigh i know i should have more confidence, but its hard. I am trying my best to etch a good image for myself as a reliable, credible, self motivated maybe even confident( though at theis moment it doesnt seem to apply) employable individual. I know it is just training, but its a stepping stone for the future and i am worried i am not up to par. How ?
So anyway, the next task would be temperature profiling which just means waiting game. And also every week or pehaps every task that has been completed i am encouraged by my supervisor to write a short report to assist me in writing my final report to be handed in to the uni. I have alredy started and almost completed my report for this task, but i am now wondering if i should write the report base on a work done weekly review or per project base. Sometimes i wonder if the approach i use is correct or out of topic. And this fear actually makes me freeze in my tracks thus slowing me down. I am hopeless

Sunday, November 13, 2005

alright 15 mins before dinner. Shall write another post. There is actually alot of things i want to say. Its just that i am very lazy to form readable sentences. Anyway, i manage to drag my mom to Pyramid yesterday to do some shopping since she promised to bring me after ffking me on monday. But sigh.... a bit the can't bring my heart to spend too much of her money also la. Times aren't great still. So everytime i see something i make mental note to get it when i have the cash. The only prob is that not like i have a lot of money also la. Hoping to get side jpbs besides this training one.

So anyway, was suppose to get work pants and top. But those that i absolutely adore cost at least rm 70 and above. I know mom will pay for it if i want. But seriously this isnt the time to pay so much for just a top. Then there were those that were 20 - 30 +, but the cutting just doesnt suit me. So no point getting something that doesnt suit even if it is cheap. Was also looking for a bag not unlike Rae's mambo bag size. Only i found 1 but its not very practical because it is made of suede material and so spoils easily. Then i saw one inVincci which cost 70. Really nice soft leather. Even comparatively it is actually pretty cheap a price for that type of size and material bag. But still need to think think lo. I really adore it. Its so soft :P. Then i saw another one in esprit and that one was the soft leather type kind too. But no need to think la thios one. 500 wei. But expected la. Later we went to see the stall down stairs which sells cheaper bags and found one which is alright and only rm 40. But its kinda on the harder side and not exactly what i am looking for. The bag isnt that urgent just a change of style la so i will see how it goes. But i can imagine Rae's eyes alr ha ha ha. From some one who hates carrying bag suddenly wanna get big bag :P. Things change la.

Was suppose to get a pair of shoes as well. Coz now i am wearing my mom's pair. But can't find anything we at least agree on since we are sharing shoes now.

So finally the loot was only one top from padini for 25. Which i really adore. At least now i have a plain top which looks chic enough to wear to office or to go out. And one lip gloss which i wanted to get for so long. Hair barrets and eye shadow applicator.

Dragged my mom to kim gary to try out the food there as well. But she says she still thinks this other hong kong style restaurant serves much nicer yin yong and french toast.
Mom is getting cuter by the day ha ha ha ;)

Alright now that i am sitting here i shall rewrite most of what is wrote before my browser crashed. I hope it doesnt do it again this time or it might some conspiracy.

Ok. So about work. Started on wednesday. Saw my supervisor only after lunch and he got straight to explaining to me what i needed to do. And for the rest of the week he wasn't around. But i have a fair share of work to do so this isnt much of a proble. But the 2 other fellow mechatrons with me had their supervisor around and still haven't really had anything substential to do besides some small little stuffs here and there. But i guess maybe they will start gettign busy next week. One thing about going to work is the walking. I have been doing tons of walking when i am not on my butt examining defective parts. I walk from the entrance of the free trade zone to the end which is where the company is located and then cross the width of the free trade zone area because that is how long the company is to get to my office. Then i grab dump my normal bag into the locker and grab another bag inside which contains the coat, pants and headcover and shoes cover which they provide before i head on over to the production line. Another walk and a flight of stairs away( not that near either). Then when lunch comes i walk back to the office to get my normal bag and dump the other bag back into the locker and walk to the cafeteria. And so on and so on. But hey i am not complaining ;) coz that way i get to loose weight.

Then there is the part where everytime i want to go into the production because there is where is my work at the moment, i have to put on the whole coat and pants set and everything. And so i have to go through the whole ritual whenever i go out and come in. Even if it is just a short toilet break. So i barely get to drink water and now i have 2 painful ulcer in my mouth. *sob*. So what i do now is before i go in there in the morning i drink loads of water. And the same for lunch.

The ppl there seem pretty friendly for the time being. But time will tell i guess. Hmmm and quite a few eye candies too. But most of the time i see ppl wraped frm head to toe. So i have no idea how they look. Thats all now.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

sigh you wont believe what just happened. i typed a long ass entry and the damn ie browser died on me. But only this and amother one more window got effected. The others were fine. I was talking about my work week and it is all gone. Oh well malas nak layan la. Another day then

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The finals was over almost a week ago, but i have been procratinating as usual to update the blog. I have tons of things that i thought of writing but have just been wasting my time away doing anything but blogging ;). Not that blogging is the ultimate must do thing.

Anyway has been a pretty short 6 days of holidays and tomorrow is " the big day" as Dennis puts it. I am not too sure if i am mentally ready for this yet, but oh well *dives head in*
Found out that i am in the R&D department under a certain Calvin Lo. Was told he is quite and alright guy to work with.

So because i am working in this company, i have to open a new bank account in BSN because this is bank that this company uses. Now in total i have 4 bank accounts. A bit the redundant right. Oh well 2 is for official purpose so there isnt much i can do about it anyway. But seriously if i ever have a choice i will NEVER EVER choose to use these 2 banks. There might be one or 2 more i might not want to try as well but i can't think of them at the moment. And how do i evaluate this? By the ppl running it. I wouldn't elaborate since you know what happened to a few bloggers in s'pore alr. But if this is a well known fact then you will understand without my need to elaborate. At one bank, i took more than one hour to open a bloody bank account. And that does not include the wait in line( although the wait wasn't that bad). This time around luckily it didnt take 1 hour but the wait was excrutiatingly slow. But not as bad as when i needed to collect my atm card. Can someone tell this bank that they need to come to the yr 2005. Even the "1 hr wait to open accont bank" didnt need me to get the atm card the next week. I don't understand why they can't issue the card on the day itself if the rest of the bank are already doing that. In any case, this makes getting the atm card so much more important. Because imagine having to go through the hassle everytime i need some money.

Its pretty unbelievable really to be present at that moment yesterday. If it isnt bad enough that they move at the rate of a sloth. They type with one finger each hand btw. And they take their time in between each costumer. They have four counters and even with 3 in operation when i stepped in and it was going pretty slow. Imagine the horrors when i discover that suddenly only one counter was open. I understand its lunch. But at least clear some customers first before hopping of to gleefully have lunch. And the place was actually pretty full. So with one counter open, imagine the rate things are moving. Its an absolute stand still. I think that person operating the one and only counter must have felt disatisfaction at being left to work alone and thus slowed thing down even more so that when the rest came back they can pick up where they left.

So imagine this, from my perspective the bank turned instantly into a cinema where everyone was sitting there starring at a none existant screen. no one was moving for at least 5 - 10 minutes. The best part is still to come. When it was my turn, i was told that my atm card is not done yet. Great. So i waited 1 hr for nothing. Oh well i guess i am partly to blame. I should have called to ask if my card was done. I have too much faith in ppl. I actually still think that they can be efficient. cest la vie.