searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Thursday, April 27, 2006

You know sometimes life is funny in a way that you only get what you want when u decided not to pursue it. Wanted to have an outing on Saturday for dinner since was thinking i probably want to spend at least the last half of sunday with parents sempena my birthday. that and i was planning on trying to go vegetarian on Sunday. But since most ppl can't make it on Sat i finally resolved to sit at home and enjoy a nice rest while watching finals for some superstar competition and move dinner to sunday. So i was actually happily settling down not planning to go out on Saturday night alr. And then suddenly michelle calls and asked me if i wanted to go clubbing coz her 2 friends i met last week when we had lunch asked if i would like to go. And then suddenly i dunno how i feel about this. Its not that i don't want to go, coz i do. But sometimes there are moments that catches me when i look at this and ask whats the point really and then they are days i am revving to go.
So i am afraid that that moment decides to show itself on that day. But then again i enjoyed the last trip to poppy so i am hoping i do this time. But really i guess its partly the company too.

Rae, i know what you gonna say. Why think so much right. But no matter how much has change somethings don't really go away. They just go into hiding till the next time. But then again have i ever turned down an opportunity to explore? I am sure i have but not all the time. Aiya i miss my form one days la. Just do first think later. But that one also is a concious effort to do that. If you can actually believe me, one fateful day in form one i did tell myself. "heck it, think so much for what? just do first la" And those were to stupidest but most carefree days of my life. Born a thinker always a thinker la.

But anyways siao la, wanna go clubbing also can spout so many nonsense. Don't let that fool you i am as ready as ever to go ha ha ha. Maklumla not always get to go. Now what to wear..... :P

Actually i realized this lementation not about going clubbing la. Its about life only giving you what you want when u are not pursueing it anymore. Ah what ever la. I need to get out more often. But then again i need more hours in a day. Damn it, i have tons of things to do. Sigh are engineers doomed to be nerds? Even the clever one that was no where near being a nerd has turned into one. Ask you la, how can measily me not be more nerdier. Sigh wondering if i should have taken this from the begining. There are days when i like what i am doing and there are days when i am thinking of doing something else than engineering once i graduate. I am really loosing my spirit. Where art thou spirit?

Ah radomness.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

when some place that from the very begining screams pretentiousnous starts promoting its place like this :

Many urbanists have already claimed Café Café as their home away from home. An indulgent in luxury, rewarding with comforts of haute decadence, an escape from the harsh industrial and minimalist chic of too many modern restaurants. Here, the ones is to know enjoy privileges of classic dining, without pretentiousness. Classic yet modern, formally relaxed, flamboyantly simple. Café Café is truly a pastiche of styles that some together to enchant. A refreshingly informal place to meet freiends, colleagues, or even a special acquaintance.
You can know very well that they are living in a world of their own.
Read more about what they have to say about their place here. Every single word that is in the description sure screams unpretentious huh.
I stumbled across this place on someone's blog and recently got reminded of it when in conversation with michelle's friend who is also an aquaintence of the blogger. It is not that i am disdained with the place or its poshness really. Coz i actually want to check the place out since it was pretty distinctive decor and i heard they have great tiramisu. But really ! if you are a posh place which goes all out with the decor (I don't think it can even be called a simplistic approach) then don't try to pretend not to be pretentious.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Damn it ! i was suppose to be out clubbing tonight but things are getting more and more tangled with my work. Stress also cannot do, don't stress also cannot do. I took 3+ days to complete a bloody comprehend and summarize exercise. WTF. I am to the extreme of half wishing i were to find out there is something medically wrong with me i.e. something psychologycal or something. Hey wait, stress to the extreme of paranoia is also considered a serious problem right. But who wants to be sick anyways.

Another thing bothering me is WTF is some people so bloody annoying that they don't realize you are not thrilled to chat with them but they still msg u every single fucking time they see you online acting all cutesy. Its really hard to think they just want to be friends even after rejecting them for the umpteenth time and within that period, him having gotten into a relationship and broken up i am not sure how many times. Damn it! is it so hard to be satisfied with just being friends. I am not even sure why i bothered in the first place. I should just ignore him. Sometimes people are stupid that way. They know the answer but they dont seem to do it. I guess i am not exclusive of that either.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What have i done. I have just spent my carefully allocated budget and even exceeded that on my very long craved marinara white saucce and the unexpected shared ceasar bacon salad and a glass of lemon tea. I was rm10 over budget. What is rm 10 you say. Well given the tight budgetting with very little space for error. Oh well. But i got my marinara anyways. One of the many yet to satisfied cravings. But i do find this absurded in a way that i will nv be able to satisfy all the cravings ever ever. coz by the time i am half way through i will be craving for the first thing that i crave for not to mention new stuffs on the list. This is mad i tell you. And not to mention if i were able to do so that i will probably be as big as an elephant. So anyways no pics from that lunch. But it was a plate of goodness. only lacking in the nice clams they used to put. But in place of that i had 3 pig prawns oo la la. And 2 mussels. calamari rings and some fish. Damn it thinking about makes me wanna eat it again besides the fact that it gets muaking. And now i haven't been eating sushi or japanese food in a while. I feel like having udon or ramen or dons. But that has got to wait for some other day. Anyways, still have more of those darn work that has been keeping me busy to do. So thats all for now

Thursday, April 13, 2006

So I haven't posted in a while. And the next time i chose to post is now when i am "rushing" for 2 assigments. Why i say "rushing" is really because heck i don't feel quite as hurried as i suppose to. And in no way is that good. But than again it feels good to feel my fingers moving on the key board becuase most of the time it will just be hovering there stuck at what to type. Anyhows, i am in a warp reality, i think that i can finish writting another research paper tomorrow before i hand it up on friday. I hope my reality isnt too warped. Eventhough i am already quickly doubting that. And thats a flash report from a not so there me. Thank you for tuning in.