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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Have i mentioned that i was exercising? I am trying to get into shape for a studio photoshoot and the time in fact has been tantatively pushed forward. We had plans to do it in june/july. But because michelle might need extra pics she decided to do hers earlier. And i thought, since we wanted to take together since it will be more fun and we can have a picture of us together that I prob like to do it same time as her as well. And to think about it, longer time might mean longer time for me to get into shape. But the only problem being, i eat when i get stressed. And the earlier proposed time is after finals exams. Which means super stress time. So given that i am in suitable condition to go ahead with the photoshoot, i will do it mid to end April and probably get the pictures in time to be a birthday present for myself ;).

So besides exercising, i have been mindful about my eating as well. I don't think i am in denial if i were to say that i am not on a diet, because i don't skip meals. I just try very very very hard not to snack when i am not hungry. Coz either way that isn't healthy in the first place right? (anyone thinks otherwise ?:P)But the only problem being, i tend to snack when i feel stressed or even when i feel bored. And if that isn't bad, things just seems more desireable when u can't have it. One thing good though is that, with the effort of saving money, i don't have much left for indulgence. Which leads me to snack less and eat healthier. Now how about that for killing 2 birds with one stone. Now though, i am waiting to see when i have enough money to indulge in some fantabulous marinara from italianos. That has to wait for next month onwards though. Sigh.......

And sad to say, the wheather has been a bitch lately. Keeps raining on my parade. Or rather keeps raining on the time when i usually jog. It used to rain AFTER i jog. Will see how it goes next week. But at least i still have monday and tuesday mornings i hope ;) and perhaps saturday too.

Friday, March 10, 2006

damn it! I can't believe it is already friday once again. Its mad i tell you. I can still remember me sitting down to watch american idol last friday as if it just happened the day before yesterday. The time eating monster has started to come out again. Why is it that once classes start, time seems to fly faster than it already flies. Well i know i haveb't updated more than a week now.

There is much of an update i guess. So what's up? Well before class started, i was looking at my timetable and thinking there was time for me to squeeze some exercise in. And since i am not getting any younger, i really should try and get some exercise in before my metobolic rate starts to decline so bad that I will just balloon. Not that i haven't alr, compared to when i was younger. But at the moment i am still alright with my body size. But then again why not make it better if you can ;). And I really am curious as to how much weight i can loose. And how near i can get into fitting into my old clothes. But unbelievable as it is, when i looked back at the pics when i was younger i couldn't believe i was THAT thin. So maybe fitting into old clothes ain't that good an idea. Scratch that, i wanna have a nice toned bod, but i have to work something else out besides jogging then.But then most importantly still is i want to push myself physically. I wanna train my stamina. I want to be able to run effortlessly a few rounds around the field. I have never been great with stamina. And then play basketball effortlessly as well. AH it feels like such a long time ago since i actually did exercise at least 3 times a week. I feel younger again :P. So far i this week i manage to jog on monday and tuesday. And wednesday was basketball. But yesterday a freak storm happened so i didn't go. And it rained again today. Oh well hope its just this 2 days.

Interestingly enough though, after i planned to start exercising I ended up one day putting a deposit for studio shots without any prior plans for that. We, me and daphi just so happen to have been with michelle, temaning her to ask for studio shots in a bridal fair in pyramid. With the original package at rm 550, the manager happily told us she will give us the package at rm388 if three of us took it. Thinking back though, i think i was probably crazy at the time. 388 aint a small amount either. But the good thing is that the package is valid for any amount of time. But then they are planning to take it mid year though. So i am super super saving my money hopefully it is suffecient. Coz we planning to take together so that we can have one with the three of us in it. So no nice food for me for a while i guess. Coz that is where my money tend to go anyway. Works both ways i guess. Anyways the package includes 2 dresses we can choose from their collection, 4 images(hair + makeup) and 20 pics. That is also thanks to daphi's negotiation skillz. But i reckon do it when you are young. Although sometimes i do have differing thoughts about this since it is spending money on none necessity. Well i am a complicated person. Just that luckily i am not schizophrenic. I probably am more of a hypocrit.

On other news, i am totally having the hots for this fellow which is a taiwanese model turned actor. I am currently watching devil besides you which has rainie yang and mike he as main characters. Although i have to say, like i told Rae, "I think i am too old for this". But hack, i am an extremely ecentric character now and then. Or some one probably might wanna add "most of the time". So.......